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The Club was formed in 1938 under the banner of the Upper Hawkesbury Motor Boat Club.

This makes it the oldest continually running Club in Australia .

Bridge to Bridges were run prior to the founding of the Club by boating enthusiasts.

The Bridge to Bridge is run on the first Sunday in May & the annual Spectacular in September.

Today the Club caters for most types of racing, Inboards, Outboards, Handicaps, and Scratch races, large Spectaculars and Club Race days.

Ages range from Juniors of 8 years of age to some of our senior members of 70 years and older.

 Some of Australia's Power Boat racing Champions started off in Formula Future racing.

Upper Hawkesbury Power Boat Club is at Governor Phillip Park, at the Windsor boat ramp.


Memo: COVID-19 and return to racing 3rd June 2020

All State Councils and Clubs,

Currently around the country we are seeing the easing of COVID-19 restrictions. However there are considerable variations in the regulations from State to State so that makes it difficult for the National APBA to issue a blanket policy regarding the return to racing.

In short, we cannot see any easy way for us to return to a normal season of racing at least until September, but this is still a moving target date. While-ever there are varying plans on lifting restrictions in each State and there is often a degree of uncertainty over how these regulations are interpreted then it will be necessary for any Club considering resumption of racing to make up individual proposals to Councils, Waterways and other State Authorities before seeking State and National approval to hold some form of boat racing or test and tune days.

Any resumption of racing before the restrictions are lifted uniformly and Australia wide and travel to any state is permitted then there is going to be no further Australian / Australasian Championships conducted, until further notice. Similarly this restriction must be placed on the organisation of any major meeting where interstate competition is encouraged and large numbers of spectators are anticipated.

This leaves us with club racing and test and tune days and the difficulty here is going to be social distancing, hygiene and sanitisation, and control of any spectators not directly involved. Already West Australia have an approval to conduct a club race day at Burswood, but this approval comes with many conditions and restrictions all of which are required to be put in place before they can get boats on the water. It is understood from the West Australian President that there is still a lot to be done and that one race meeting is unlikely to take place until July.

If any Club is considering running a club race day that is already on the calendar between now and September (or you are considering organising a day not listed) then we ask that you read the following two documents and then follow the guidelines and complete the check list in the (use Small Sporting Organisation). This should then help in putting a proposal to the local council, waterways and any other approval body. This then must be forwarded to your State Council & National for approval. National are also required to advise the Insurance company of any resumption of racing.

David Toyer

National APBA President

The National Executives

Australian Power Boat Association

Australian Power Boat Association

2019 / 2020 Rule Book  V1.3  New Version July 2020

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 Club Day - Sunday 9th August

John Boshers excellent photos from the July Club Day

Thank you Contrast Printing for making the Tinny look great

Thank you Dave Coldy for your generous support of UHPBC and supplying the club with the use of a new Defibrillator.

Thank you Beneficial Safety for your very much appreciated donation of a Resus Kit / Oxy Viva.

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