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Each boat can only enter one class and cannot "step up" unless no class is available (3 boats or less) or invited by officials.


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UHPBC 2019 Online Entry Form

Message from the Commodore:

It’s that time again, the Upper Hawkesbury Power Boat Club (UHPBC) is holding arguably Sydney's Biggest and Best circuit boat racing event, the 2019 Windsor Spectacular and it is my pleasure to invite you to enter.

The Windsor Spectacular kicks off the APBA’s racing calendar with a “bang” and sets the standard for the rest of the country. The UHPBC is striving to make our Spectaculars more than just an event and more a motor sports festival. A carnival atmosphere will be our centre piece with kid’s rides, trade stands, Hot Rod, Car and Boat displays and a massive program of races over two days with

nothing less than a weekend full of action packed entertainment.

It is our aim to provide an opportunity for Boating enthusiasts and locals alike to witness first-hand the high-octane action that our sport has to offer and deliver a packed program to keep everyone's attention on the water.

So get the covers off the boats, get you entries in and help us make this year’s Spectacular the best the boating world has seen.

Some of the featured events are:

Tony Ryan Series (5.2-Litre Displacement)

The Les Spears Series (Unlimited Displacement)

Menace Cup (6-Litre Displacement)

The Wescranes Series (6-Litre ProStock)

Eastern ProStock & Cast Iron Shields (6-Litre ProStock)

Dargle Cup & Miscreant Cup

Commodores Cup

The Craig Bailey Gold Cup (SST120 - Outboards)

The Louis Buhagiar Trophy – 105 Super Stock

The Cross Invitation – By invitation

The Ron Beasley Silver Shield – (Unlimited Outboards)

King of the River – The Best of the Best (Unlimited Invitation)


The UHPBC will conduct the 2019 Windsor Spectacular at Windsor Marine Stadium, Governor Phillip Park, on the 14th & 15th September, 2019.

ENTRIES & COSTS: The discounted entry fee will be $180.00 per boat and this includes the safety levy. All entries must be in the hands of the Entries Co-ordinator Kristie Walker by the 6th of September, 2019.

Our preferred method of entry is online and the button is above.

Entries can be emailed to Kristie on: or by mail:

590 Singleton Road, Laughtondale NSW 2775.

PRE-ENTER THE EVENT: It is important to pre-enter the event as a late entry may not guarantee you race in your elected class or feature in event promotions, including the program.

LATE ENTRIES: Entries received after the 6th of September will attract the full entry fee of $280.

Each boat can only enter one class and cannot "step up" unless no class is available (3 boats or less) or invited by officials.

WRIST BANDS: All drivers will receive four free wrist bands with their entry. Teams will have the

option of purchasing an additional 6 wristbands at a cost of $20 each. Wrist Bands will be available

for purchase on Friday the 13th of September 2019 or with your entry form. Team members with no

wrist bands will be charged the normal admission price at the gate.


● Full APBA Licence

● State Boating Licence, Boat Registration & APBA Affiliated Club membership to be presented at time of scrutineering/entry. (NOTE: All documentation must be original)

● Helmet Restraints are Mandatory


HAYDEN CHESSER: 0424 151 520

MATT PECK: 0406 668 714

KRISTIE WALKER: 0438 302 537

SEAN WALKER: 0425 272 493

CLASSES. Each class must have Four (4) or more entries each day to be called a class. If a class has three (3) or less boats running in a race then the race will not run, but the boats will automatically be entered in the next class at the discretion of the race committee.

CLASS REPRESENTATIVE. Each class will have a representative. The representative will look after their individual class and will be a contact for you if further information is needed. Class contact are:

Formula 1: Glen Banks 0408 624 969

Formula 2 (opti/sst): Matt Peck / Andrew King 0406 668 714 / 0478 008 709

Formula 3: Matt Peck 0406 668 714

Formula 4: Matt Peck 0406 668 714

Prostock: John Davoll 0411 874 615

105mph Super Stock: Hayden Chesser 0424 151 520

5.2 Litre: Michael Newton 0411 825 879

6 Litre: Michael Newton 0411 825 879

Unlimited: Hayden Chesser 0424 151 520

Mono/Outboard: Rod Burns 0431 386 012

Yamato & 25hp: Kristie Walker 0438 302 537

Formula Future: Michelle Pratt 0439 899 930

PIT AREA: Adequate covered footwear must be worn by all team members in the pit area at all times and all spectators that wish to enter the pit area must comply.


SCRUTINEERING: All boats will be scrutineered at Windsor on Friday the 13th of September 2019 from 9.00am to 5.00pm or by prior arrangement only on the Saturday and Sunday. Also 2018/2019 APBA Licence applications can be completed at that time.

APBA/NSW cell test can also be completed on the 7th September 2019 from 1.00pm at the Oasis Pool Windsor.

TECH INSPECTION DAY: There will be a tech inspection day held at the UHPBC Club house on the 7th September 2019 from 9am till 2pm. This day will not replace scrutineering, however, will speed the process and allow plenty of time to rectify any issues identified by our scrutineers.

TEST & TUNE/PRACTICE: The course will be available for practice on Friday the 13th of September 2019 from midday to 4.00pm. All paperwork and scrutineering must be completed before any boat is allowed on the course. There will not be any practice on Saturday or Sunday.

FUEL: Competitors will need to organise your own fuel and it will need to be brought to the event (Please take care when travelling with fuel).

DRUG AND ALCOHOL TESTING: Random drug and alcohol testing will take place throughout the weekend. All drivers must complete a breath test prior to racing and crew members will be asked to comply with random testing. This year further random drug testing will take place.

CAPSULE TEST: If requested during the event, please make your boat and safety equipment available for inspection by rescue crew, including belt operation, steering wheel removal, hatch removal and air system.

SAFETY EQUIPMENT: Helmet Restraints - All Drivers in all classes, must use a Helmet restraint of a type that restricts movement of the head and secures the Helmet to the body or arms by straps or other means. The Drivers are entirely responsible for the effectiveness of the restraint and those found not wearing them will face severe penalties. Random inspections will occur.

Please review APBA rule book for more information.

PITS PARKING: Each class/Competitor will have a specific area to park in the Pit area, please park as directed by officials. There will also be a designated area for crews with transporters.

Cars not required to be in the pits will need to be parked in the spectator parking area. If requested by officials to remove your vehicle you must comply. Arguing or abuse of officials will NOT be tolerated from Drivers and their Crew.

PITS CLOSE: 7.00am Saturday and Sunday. All boats that haven't been scrutineered and completed paperwork to be in pits by 6.00am (by prior arrangement only).

Please contact Sean Walker 0425 272 493, if you are going to be late. Late entry to pits may mean disqualification for days racing.

DRIVERS BRIEFING: Drivers briefing will take place at 7.30am Saturday and Sunday at the bottom of the stairs at the rear of the Upper Hawkesbury Power Boat Club-house (Compulsory for all drivers). Each driver must attend and sign on. Drivers who miss the briefing will NOT be able to compete on that day.

NOISE LIMIT: General limit 105db - Blown Boats 115dba. BOATS MUST COMPLY WITH LIMITS.

INCIDENTS AND PROTESTS: All race incidents and protests must be made to the Officer of the Day (OD) who will be located in the UHPBC Tower.

SECURITY: Security will be provided overnight on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

PRESENTATION: Presentation will occur approximately one hour after the completion of the last race on Sunday at the Club House. Please come along and support your fellow competitors.

The Directors and Race Committee of the UHPBC do hope you are able to attend and look forward to seeing you in September for a great weekend of racing.


To be read by all competing drivers with any explanations required to be addressed at Drivers Briefing.

This meeting is conducted under the Rules of the APBA. This briefing is a summary of the Rule Book with some additional rules and interpretations of such Rules pertaining to the Windsor racing course.

1.     No Boat to go under Windsor Bridge for any reason.

2.     Noise limits will be enforced

3.     No alcohol consumption permitted by anyone in the Pit area.

4.     No BBQ’s or smoking permitted in the Pit area.

5.     No open shoes or thongs permitted in the Pit area.

6.     No crew permitted to be riding on Trailers and Drivers to be seated in their boats when being picked up in the Pit area, while launching and retrieving their boats.

7.     Drivers to have a breath test each race day and random checks may be conducted for drivers and crews throughout the meeting.

8.     Boats must turn left at all times.

9.     No boat is to enter the course while the race is in progress or “in the hands of the start boat”.

10.   Helmets and Life Jackets are to be worn at all times whilst on the race course.

11.   Scratch Races: The Start Boat will pick up boats and proceed to an area off the course and the boats will either mill or stop to wait for water to settle. The Starter will then indicate by raising of the white flag and line the boats up with pole 1 within two (2) boat widths of the pole boat while the other competitors must line up in their pole positions within two (2) boat widths of their inside pole number. They will bring boats down – in line with the bow of the boats level with the transom of the start boat and the flag will be dropped on the back straight. There will be no restarts and if you are in front of the pole boat or charge the start – you will be disqualified.

12.    All boats shall maintain their pole positions from the drop of the flag until they exit the lead out buoy on the first corner, maintaining their pole position around the corner. Failure to adhere to this will result in disqualification from the race or heat.

13.    Do not assume water conditions to be perfect, the decision to race is up to the driver.

14.    Boats must maintain their course so as not to hinder any other boat, not change lanes until they have attained sufficient lead to do so safely. (Min. 3 boat lengths). All boats must give the leading boat at least 2 boat lengths clear when entering turns.

15.    An even turn must be made at all buoys. You must turn the buoy in the lane you have attained 100 metres before that buoy, regardless of position of leading or trailing boats. Eg. – you enter turn buoy in lane 3 you must maintain that lane around buoy, no square cutting the corners.

Failure to adhere to this will result in disqualification from the race or the heat.

16.    If you hit a turn buoy you will be penalized. If you are able to continue, wait until all boats have passed and it is safe – you may then re-enter the race.

17.    If you miss a buoy – do not re-attempt it. Continue around the course. If you re-attempt it, you will be disqualified from the race or heat. A penalty may apply for missing it.

18.    All races are 4 laps, unless directions are issued from the Tower or the OD.

19.    If you pass a boat you usually wouldn’t pass, be aware as there may be a red flag or incident on the course.

20.    All boats are to STOP on Red Flags. Failure to adhere to this will result in disqualification from the race, heat or event.

21.    Do not pass run out buoys at each end of the course.

22.    If you lose power or slowing down – raise one (1) arm and don’t make any sharp turn. Slow down in a straight line. Do not run off course at turn buoys.

23.    If you are involved in an incident where you are thrown from your boat, into the water, you will be picked up by the Rescue Boat and taken from the water in the Rescue Basket or floated into the Rescue Craft, no exceptions, and will be assessed by the on board Paramedic.

24.    All boats to finish on the chequered flag – regardless of what lap you are in.

25.    When the race is finished, continue around the course until black flag is shown from the Tower or Duty Boats. (Do not go past run out buoys or across the course and do not return to the bank until the Black Flag has been displayed).

26.    Distress Signals

• Slow Down raise 1 arm

• Steering Loss raise both arms

• Immediate Assistance stand & wave

• Boats with Cockpits Open canopy & Signal Tower, if no signal – the race will be Red Flagged.

27.    Flags

• White Start Flag – in the hands of the starter (pole boat starts)

• Green Race in Progress

• Yellow 1 Lap to go

• Chequered Finish (All Boats regardless of what lap)

• Black Recall (Do not return to the bank until displayed)

• Red Cross on White Background Caution (Keep racing but be aware of an incident on the Course)

• Red STOP and wait instruction from the Tower.

28.    Race Classes: Engines may be measured along with boat compliance for the Class entered.

If you have doubts about the ability of your boat to pass that test – you should withdraw from this event.

29.    Protests: To be lodged on the appropriate form available from the Tower with $100.00 to the Officer of the Day.

30.    Radio Communications: All boats and crew using Radio Communications are to be assembled in a common area, under the control of a Marshall, who will monitor any conversation. The only conversation to the driver while in the hands of the starter and while the Race is in progress shall be Safety Calls to the Driver, which Flags are displayed or in the event of an Emergency eg. Fire – where a boat is stopped on the course. Any breach of this Rule shall mean disqualification from the race or heat.

Abuse of any officials – will not be tolerated. Boat Owners and Drivers will be disqualified for the day and a Yellow Card will be issued immediately.


The course will be set with 3 turn buoys at each end.

The race will commence on the back straight of the course, you will have completed your first lap after rounding the first turn and passing the start/finish buoy on the front straight.

The boat in pole one is to round the turn buoys with a maximum of 2 metres distance between the buoy and the port side of boat. All other boats turn in respective lanes.

The pole boat will line boats up to give straight run to first turn with finish buoy on your port side.

Boat fields in most classes will be limited to four boats but this may be changed on the day.

Pole positions and heats will be drawn at random. Outside pole will not be able to be nominated for.

FRIDAY 13th September

8.00am - 1.00pm Trade stand set-up

9.00am - 5.00pm Scrutineering

12.00 midday - 4.00pm Official practice

NOTE: All paperwork must be completed before participating in practice.

SATURDAY 14th September

7.00am Pits Close

6.30am – 7:30am Breath Testing

7:30am Senior Drivers Briefing

8.00am Junior Drivers Briefing

8.00am Gates open to the public

8.30am – 8.50am Junior racing

9.00am Opening of Spectacular and National Anthem

9.00am - 4.30pm Circuit Boat Racing

4.30pm - 8.00pm Social Time

SUNDAY 15th September

7.00am Pits Close

6.30am – 7:30am Breath Testing

7:30am Senior Drivers Briefing

8.00am Junior Drivers Briefing

8.00am Gates open to the public

8.30am - 9.00am Junior racing

9.00am - 4.30pm Circuit Boat Racing

4.30pm - 8.00pm Presentation & Social Time