UHPBC 2019 / 2020 Office Bearers

Patrons: Graham Hart - Charlie Mayfield

Committee Meetings

Race Committee 1st Wednesday of the month

Directors 3rd Wednesday of the month

Chairman: Glenn Banks

Commodore:  Sean Walker

Vice Commodore: Bob Miller

Rear Commodore: Hayden Chesser


Secretary: Katie Marshall

Membership Officer: Kristie Walker

Events Coordinator: Kristie Walker

Board of Directors:

1.  Matt Peck

2. Brenton Chesser

3.  Peter Cunneen

4.  Ron Beasley

5.  John Davoll

6.  Rod Burns

Publicity Officer: Katie Marshall

Bar Co-Ordinator: Steve Maybury

Assistant Bar Co-Ordinator:  Alan Long

Canteen Co-Ordinator: Debbie Maybury


Junior Representative: Pete Cunneen

APBA Delegate: Michael Newton

River Users Group: Joy Smith

Race Committee:

Rear Commodore:  Hayden Chesser

Commodore:   Sean Walker

Vice Commodore:  Bob Miller

Chairman:   Glenn Banks

Race Secretary:  Lana Rigby

Safety Officer:  Sean Walker

Equipment Officer: Matt Peck &

        Peter Cunneen

Senior Scrutineer: (I/B) Damon Thurgar

Senior Scrutineer: (O/B) Matt Peck

Assistant Scrutineer:  Rod Burns

Junior Representative: Peter Cunneen

Boat Owner Representatives:

1. Terry Hay

2.  Andrew King

3. Greg Banks

4. Michelle Pratt

5.  Jaysen Cook

6.  Norm Curtis

Social Committee

Kristie Walker


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